Monday, October 24, 2005

Kirk Cameron Does It Again

In case you missed it, Left Behind: World at War (the third of the Left Behind movies) premiered over the weekend. In a “shocking” twist, the producers decided to ignore conventional wisdom of opening movies in movie theatres and instead opened the movie in more than 3,200 churches nationwide. Three cheers for Christian separatism!

(For those of you unfamiliar with the world of Left Behind, take a glance over at Slacktivist’s ongoing review of the book as he reads through it.)

There are so many things to comment on. You could mention how yet another mediocre Christian film once again lowers the bar for Christian artists everywhere. You could speculate on whether or not this will increase sales for Left Behind board game.

Instead, think about this: one of President Bush’s most famous pieces of legislation is No Child LEFT BEHIND. Maybe Bush’s educational policy is not about making sure American children keep up with their competitors around the world. Maybe it is about making sure no American children have to endure the tribulation.

If that’s not compassionate conservatism, I don’t know what is.


- said...

Boy, as much as I want to rip on Left Behind right now for being the absolute garbage it is...I feel more compelled to give at least on example of a blatantly Christian film that I think is worthwhile: Luther.

I love that movie. It's the reason I'm about to start seminary. Watched it a couple years ago and couldn't stop crying.

That's just me.

Eric Davis said...

Maybe it's called No Child Left Behind because millions of Christians read that series and he wanted their support. Probably that whole subliminal thing.

Anyway...I think mediocrity plagues Christianity. Whether it's bad movies, bad music, or unoriginal clothing, there hasn't been much excellent work lately.

photosteve said...

EEEWWWWW! Just had a read of that Christian Seperatist (for that read Eye Rolling, Foaming at the Mouth, Crypto-Nazi Nut Jobs) website and now i feel the need to take a shower.

coturnix said...

ActuallNCLB was really named after the "Left Behind" phenomenon in order to sell it to the constituents. Frank Luntz, I believe, coined the phrase for Bush to use for the legislation.

naomi said...

Haven't read the books. Haven't seen the movies. Will not play the board game. Blech!

Sandalstraps said...

Thank you for writing that. It made me laugh a great deal.

To eric davis, alas I have to agree with you. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. Too true, and a real shame.

To the crooked saint, it isn't just you. Luther was a beautiful film. Even my wife liked it, and that's really saying something.

NoGood said...

I was reading these books in 1999 and thought that they might be the cause of all those school shootings.
There were so many of them while people thought the world was going to end.
Did any of you actually buy into that???
There haven't been any real signs that the world will end, Yet.
If you take a look at all the things that are supposed to happen first then we have a long way to go.
I too think the movies are barf makers.