Monday, October 3, 2005

Pretentious Seminarian Watch

Classes at the seminary have only been meeting for one week. Already, I have found a great example of what I will term "Pretentious Seminarianism." Basically, it's when a seminary student places way too much importance on themselves or their "original thoughts" about theology.

Our first example this year is a guy who called himself "A Postmodern Contemplative." Can you really assign yourself a title like that? I'm sure he's contemplating something, but judging by the look of him, he's spending more time contemplating what kind of product to put in his hair instead of God’s role in the universe. He seems like a nice enough guy, he just takes himself way too seriously.

I should start assigning myself labels. Maybe I can become "A Premodern Mystic." That should get people's attention. I'll start praying for the stigmata immediately.


Jim said...

You can label me a preunemployed cynic.

Ryan said...

Do people at your seminary unnecessarily base or justify everything they say on their previous work/career experience as they do at mine? Example: "Well, in my work as a clinical psychologist, I came to understand the meaning of the baptismal liturgy in this way..."


photosteve said...

I could be a post-cynical sense searcher. My wife is a post searcher; she waits with one ear cocked for the sound of the letterbox every morning, poised to run and see if we've got any post.

mrclm said...

Ben's Seminary rules, warts and all. :-)

Remember to not take those people too serious. There are always normal and strange people in any large group, that's not just limited to our Seminary. My church is that way, my workplace is that way, heck, my family is that way.

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