Friday, October 1, 2004

Tis The Season

It's October, and in the retail industry that means Christmas. My store is no exception. We have been buried in an avalanche of Christmas merchandise. The vast majority of this stuff is poor at best. I'm telling you, the sweatshops just don't have the quality control they used to.

In honor of the season, I will be regularly detailing various Christmas items we sell. Or, as I like to call it -- what my friends can expect in their stockings.

Today's bundle of Christmas joy is the "Christmas Fiber Optic Wand." This handheld device is dark blue with white snowmen and snowflakes. Amidst this winter wonderland is the phrase "Jesus Loves You Snow Much." There are a bunch of fiber optics coming out the end that display pretty colors. I guess they're popular at Christian raves where people are "rollin' on Jesus."


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The Herald-Sun
Oct 1, 2004 : 5:57 pm ET

CARRBORO -- After watching the presidential debate Thursday night, two UNC students ended up slapping each other while fighting over who Jesus would vote for in the election.

According to a police report, the concept of "turning the other cheek" came up, and James Robert Austin, 19, of 1305 Granville Towers West in Chapel Hill, slapped Robert Brooks Rollins, 22, of 104 Brewer Lane in Carrboro, on the cheek at Rollins' house.

After that, Rollins slapped Austin, and Austin landed on the concrete patio, possibly striking his head, according to the report. Rollins called for an ambulance, which took Austin to UNC Hospitals to be examined.

Neither Rollins nor Austin wanted to pursue the matter further, the report said.

Captainwow said...

BAAAWWWWHAAHAHWHAWHWAHHHHAAAA!!!! so funny. Someone at lunch told me today about this post I had to go find it. looking forward to more....