Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jesus Is In Our Meatloaf

If I ever write a book about the Christian subculture, I’m going to call it Jesus Is In Our Meatloaf, a line I stole from my wife.

Here’s a little background:

My friend, Jim, recently broke his arm. It was a very bad break requiring surgery to fix. (Just an aside: If there are any attractive, single women in the Twin Cities area who would like to help care for Jim, let me know. Please include a picture with your resume.)

Anyway, in an effort to help out, everyone at church decided to take him food, offer to do household chores, etc. I took Jim some soup the day after his surgery. Here I was, good little Christian boy [stop laughing] taking my ailing friend some soup. When I arrived at his apartment, I was greeted by the presence of some of his non-Christian coworkers. (I should note that I do not in fact know the religious feelings of these people. They could very well be very devout Christians. I’m just assuming their lack of Christianity to make a point.)

I was joking with my wife, Nikki, that there is a tendency to want to “out love” non-Christians in situations like that. We want to prove that Christians are better at “helping a brother out” than our well intentioned “rivals.”

At that point, my wife chimed in, [add sarcasm] “Yeah, Jesus is in our meatloaf.”

God, I love that woman.


Abigail said...

Man, I miss you guys ...

Neville said...


Michael said...

Your wife sounds cool. She must cook a meek meatloaf!

Soome heads up,
Bobbie at Emerging Sideways gave your blog some play yesterday.

Take Care

Halden said...

That would be some fine Meatloaf.

Love the Blog BTW.

Bill Arnold said...

I love your blog. Just got introduced to it through emerging sideways and did a write up on my own blog.

I am very interested in theology, culture and the arts and find your site appealing from that standpoint. I look forward to reading more.

Rouver said...

You mean you aren't stamping "Jesus Saves" on your meatloaf? What kind of Christian ARE you?

I bet you don't proclaim his love when you walk on the beach, either.



Robert said...

I posted a little promo at My Blog too.
"Jesus is in our meatloaf" is a great line. Is that another form of trans-substantiation?

kp said...

I see the posting on everyone's blog (look at mine! look at mine!) and I raise you one single, cute, funny, female (my roommate, for Jim).

Rouver said...

What's this? Did someone commission a wife-breeding program? Why wasn't I notified? How much does it cost? Can you choose eye/hair color too? How many more can you raise?

emjaybee said...

Nice blog! You were linked on http://www.themorningnews.org/ and http://www.bookslut.com.

You know, another good religous (non fanatical) blog is slacktivist.typepad.com, where he is struggling to blog his way through reading the Left Behind series without losing his sanity, among other things....

As a former fundie and someone who spent many hours looking for some kind of non-sucky music* in Joshua's and Family Bookstores, it's a kick to read your blog. Keep it up.

*which means I developed a strange affection for the total hippie weirdness of Second Chapter of Acts. Anything but another Amy Grant song.

Anonymous said...

whoa, ben, you made bookslut! you're now officially cool in my book.


Anthony said...

i have linked you, just so you know.

Rouver said...

You know you think it....


Watch the video.

bingsy said...

I'm pretty sure my fiance's meatloaf has Cthulu in it.

It would be fun to do a taste test to see which is better.

He serves his with Leseur's young, small early peas. It's hard to beat that, even with Jesus.

(came here from bookslut.com blog -my fiance happens to be Michael Schaub's brother)

I also think GoWestYoung Man has kitsch value, maybe along the same lines as Wilson Phillips or Roxette.

~m2~ said...

if Jesus was truly in your meatloaf, you should have sold it on ebay. i understand the grilled cheese sandwich with the Blessed Mother garnered a fetching $28k.

for what it's worth.


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