Friday, October 8, 2004

Christmas Spirit

Best line of the day: my manager looked at our "Wall of Christmas Cheer" and said, "It looks like Santa puked."

It does indeed.


Rouver said...

So, do you think Santa eats the slow elves? A sort of pro-active survival of the fittest on his part? I mean, only a crazed cannibal could be that fat & jolly in such an abysmal wasteland as the North Pole.

Rouver said...

Shameless plug for an amazing tv show:

Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars

I'm a huge fan of the show, and I hope everyone here would be able to find the time to tune into this miniseries. After being cancelled, the grassroots community has actually pulled together & petitioned successfully for the continuation of the story...and we get the miniseries that will be debuting on SciFi on October 17th. If you have questions, please go to
or for more info on the series

The Jim Henson company has completely rewritten the book on what you can expect from a series as far as writing, monster/alien creation, and special-effects. Overall, this is one of the most brilliant & enthralling series out there. PLEASE tune in.

Justin said...

This will fit well in your Christian marketing odyssey. I came across a flash page that has a quick sinners prayer. After you pray, it gives you this webpage...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,
Just came across your site. I think you might be interested in a small chain of "Christian" retail stores in California. They are called C28 and are located in malls and have sort of a Hot Topic type of feel. They are the type of stores that brings in a lot of young kids, many that are not Christians than are. It is a very cool concept and is definitely not your Grandma's Christian store like so many are.