Thursday, August 26, 2004

"We live in a political world, where courage is a thing of the past ..." - Bob Dylan, "Political World"

I hate discussing politics, but I've been drowning in so many political discussions recently, that it's the only thing on my mind. So here are some random thoughts about my recent conversations along with a nod to some underrepresented voices in the Christian world.

As can be expected, the majority of my coworkers are diehard Republicans. My manager even has a life-size cutout of President Bush in his office. I try to avoid discussing politics with them, mostly because I, unlike my coworkers, don't think Christians can honestly say either party accurately represents a biblical worldview. That, and I'm tired of being told G.W. Bush has a hotline to God, kind of like the police chief in Batman.

On a lark, I told a coworker that the Holy Spirit had appeared to me in a vision and instructed me to vote for John Kerry. I was kidding, but the look she gave me would have you believe I just said Satan and I went out for a beer to catch-up on the old days.

Many of my coworkers are upset because Garrison Keillor will be appearing at the Minnesota State Fair. They love his work on NPR but are mad because he is an outspoken Democrat. They feel his appearance violates equal time laws. They have a decent point, assuming Keillor talks about politics. However, people in glass houses should not walk around naked. A quick survey of our store showed a variety of Republican themed books and memorabilia, but nothing with an opposing view.

So, in recognition of the variety of political views present in Christianity, I have listed a few links to groups you will not see mentioned in your local Christian bookstore. Their mention here does not necessarily imply an endorsement. I am merely trying to recognize our brothers and sisters in Christ who are not part of the Christian Right. (I stole some of these from other people, but who really cares):

Christians for Cannabis (As the name implies, they want to reform U.S. drug policy)
Christians Against Bush (Pretty straightforward)
Speech by Jim Wallace, Editor of Sojourners, calling on Christians to vote Democrat (we don't carry Sojourners at my store, probably for its left-leaning politics)
Christian Anarchy (interestingly enough, not considered an oxymoron by its supporters)
For more thought provoking discussion on anarchy, visit David Reynolds' Blog
Christian Socialist Movement (The people will rise-up)

Here are some social justice groups whose causes do not get enough mention in Christian circles:
Jubilee Research
International Justice Mission
Fair Trade Federation
M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


James said...

Just because one puts the word "Christians" in the title of their organization, doesn't mean the organization is Christian.

I don't believe George Bush has a hotline to God any more than I believe the Pope does. He has the same hotline to God that you do, I do, or anyone else who looks to the skies for wisdom when making a decision.

Having said that, I am astounded how any Christian can vote for a Democrat, much less John Kerry, considering their stance on abortion. Especially Partial Birth Abortion.

You may have a political difference between yourself and the Republican world, but in my mind, the Democratic Party's stance on abortion is much further from the "biblical world view" you need than "W" and the Republicans.

In my opinion anyway.

Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I, myself, do not agree with the above comment. I agree with you in the fact that they do not have the same stance on abortion and what not, but the truth is gay marriage and abortion are not going to affect this country as immediately as economy and this war. The fact is that you have to learn to pick and choose your battles, and as much as god may want you to be against abortion, you have to realize there are other things at stake here, a lot of other things!