Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Prayer For The Fourth Sunday Of Lent

Lord, we have collapsed in the middle of the road, unable to finish the journey. Any delusions of our grand plans for our own lives have been beaten out of us by the trials of this world. We used to say we were proud, but we had no idea what pride really was. We have been broken by the weight of trying to carry our own lives.

We look to you and can finally say, "Lord, save us from ourselves. We are not worthy. We do not deserve your love, and yet we throw ourselves at your mercy and beg for you to save us. We cannot continue to live like this. Do not let us wallow here in death."

Lord, in your mercy
Hear our prayer

-Ben Reed, March 14, 2010

"Hold Thou My Hand"
Fanny Crosby
, 1879

Hold thou my hand; so weak I am and helpless,
I dare not take one step without thy aid;
Hold thou my hand; for then O loving Savior,
No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid.

Hold thou my hand, and closer, draw me closer
To thy dear self - my hope, my joy, my all;
Hold thou my hand, lest haply I should wander,
And, missing thee, my trembling feet should fall.

Hold thou my hand; the way is dark before me
Without the sunlight of thy face divine;
But when by faith I catch its radiant glory,
What heights of joy, what rapturous songs are mine!

Hold thou my hand, that when I reach the margin
Of that lone river thou didst cross for me,
A heavenly light may flash along its waters,
And every wave like crystal bright shall be.

Hold thou my hand; so weak I am, and helpless,
I dare not take one step without thy aid;
I dare not take one step without thy aid.

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