Friday, March 12, 2010

For All Have Sinned

I love Lauren Winner. Her book Girl Meets God is one of my favorite spiritual memoirs. I saw this quote by her in Terry Mattingly's March 10, 2010, column. I think it's a simple, beautiful summary of what Lent is supposed to be.

[I've spent the last hour trying to write a blog entry that would match the intelligence and humility of her quote. I have failed miserably in that task. So, I will just leave you with her words.]

"The thing is, Lent isn't a therapeutic self-improvement project. We're supposed to take a hard look at our sins and then repent. But how do we get to repentance if we have never truly paused to examine our lives? ... Most of us are morally and spiritually sleepwalking. We need to wake up and see where we are and what we're doing."

A Prayer For The Twenty-First Day Of Lent
Lord, give us pause in the midst of our busy lives. Quiet the noise that bombards every waking moment. Remove every excuse we have to avoid self-reflection. And in that peaceful quiet, turn up the volume on our sin. Do not allow us to ignore our brokenness. Make us painfully aware of our need for a savior, and open our hearts to accept the grace you extend to us.

Lord, in your mercy
Hear our prayer

-Ben Reed, March 12, 2010

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Jen said...

I have spent far too little time being still and examining myself during Lent. Lauren is right. Even if I succeed to avoid sugar for 40 days, my efforts are wasted if they are just that.

I enjoyed her memoir too...did you read the book about sex (I mean chastity) she wrote? Also good.