Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Part 1: This Is Why Giant Bunnies Are Evil

My friend John Hardacker just sent me a video of the Easter Bunny showing his true colors. I hate the Easter Bunny ever since a little mishap at a birthday party/Easter egg hunt when I was a child. Let’s just say that seeing a six-foot tall rabbit hop out of a bedroom does not sit well with the average four year old. I think this video proves what I have already known – men in bunny suits belong at a Flaming Lips concerts, not in the midst of religious holidays.

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naomi said...

We were just over at John's house and he showed us the same video of the Easter Bunny. Makes me want to eat the ears of my chocolate bunny, that's for sure.

So, we've tried to email you for like a month and I've decided that I was going to post on your blog instead. Can you email us your new address/phone? I have a Christmas, er Easter letter to send you guys! That and we miss you but since email doesn't seem to be working have no idea how to get in touch!

Oh, did I mention Andy is succumbing to the evil cell phone? Yes, it's true. We are going all celluar, that is if Alex does a good job selling him on Verizon.

Missing you in MN!